Sunday, February 12, 2012 >> An update of my life.


Havent been updating for a while now. Really wanted to do an update today.
BY the way, its YEAR 2012!!!!!!!!! looking at the archives on the right hand side ->
I've been bloggin for the 8th year already!!!!

Had a drink just now with my sister n aunt at HK xing wang cafe talking about some things. Things got really bad when i started to talk about my plans for the future n sister was trying to input ideas. I appreciate everything good that my sister has in mind for me. However, I have my own ideas and expertise, as well as i know my limitations if i were to go into some business.

Got really worked up when she seem as if shes the expert. However, i know very clearly what i am doing n all i wanted was actually support from my family members instead. Suggestions are welcomed but i also hope they are nicely put across instead of forcing it down upon me. I tend to get defensive about my ideology. TYVM.

But I'm glad we made things up quite immediately because as much as i would like to give her advice, i will never question upon how she runs her life. Same as what i would expect of her. I just want support.

Life has been good to me. Although I am not earning much at this point of my life and it has been like this for the past 2 years, I am contented. NOT FULLY though. Would like to earn more in the future to supplement my life as well as get ready for the next chapter of my life.

Reason #1
Football has always been an integral part of my life. As much as i really wanted to be a professional footballer when i was younger, I didn't make it to the top level. I believed that if i had proper training from coaches at a much tender age as compared to 17 years old when i tasted my first proper footballing lessons, I would well make it to the top, lest for meeting lousy coaches which undermine my playing abilities along the way.

I am now a football (or in the U.S. they call it Soccer) coach now . I have been a junior coach for the past 2 years earning experiences here and there. I've have got experiences in coaching the less fortunate, i.e. to say the Learning Disability kids as well as Cerebral Palsy kids. As much as i would like to post pictures here to show my experiences working with them, I can't. The experience has been very very enriching. I learn how to coach kids with learning disabilities in soccer and get first-hand experiences on how different the development of their motor and cognitive skills can be to normal footballers of the same age.

Coaching the cerebral Palsy footballers has even open my eyes even more to a chapter of football that i have never seen. I never knew how difficult it was for these footballers to walk about without obstacles, much less play a mean game of football. These guys can play man. But i must admit, I am thankful for the chance to be able to work with these footballers. They definitely enriched my footballing knowledge and I can be glad to say that I have EVER worked with Disabled footballers.

More recently,
i got a fabulous offer to be part of a Secondary School soccer team as a Sports Trainer (Yes, I'm also a qualified Sports Trainer). The offer is fabulous not because of the money. It was the experience to work in a Secondary School of Niche Status in Football. The School has quality teachers which supports the cause of building a talent pool of young footballers aged 12-17 for the cause of the now defunct Goal 2010. I get to work with my Instructor from my coaching course days and has been tapping on his vast experiences in dealing with young footballers from the technical aspect. Even more recently, he made me handle his young charges in the U-14 Center of Excellence Challenge Cup in which the school collaborated with a football club. We emerged champions and it has gave me a valuable insight to football at a different level.

Champions of the COE challenge cup 2011

I really liked this picture, cos it shows the elation that both player and coach (myself) share upon winning a tournament and it really fuels my hunger for more success in my career n life.

All this experiences really fueled me up in my quest for success in life. I never knew how my life would be. Everything is shaping up. However, it is still unknown whether my choice is a viable one at that.

My Best friend of 26 years. YES! 26 years!!! has been doing really well in the same field. I wish to emulate his success. We have plans to collaborate and do up something. Hopefully, we're headed in the right direction. I'm holding back because i am unsure if it will be a success, however, I'm confident that if the both of us go hand-in-hand, we'll be able to create even more success as well as reach higher peaks because of our friendship, trust and understanding.

I have also come to meet someone that I am interested in. However, I really don't know if I'm ready for a relationship. Emotionally? Maybe Financially? Nope. She's a person whom i feel can understand my choice of work. Things have been going well, although it may just be wishful thinking on my own part. Best Friend says to go and try, cos you'll never know. However, due to past issues, i guess my heart is always "on guard" and not ready. Maybe I'll ask. Naturally since I'm the guy. However, I've been harping on the issue and hovering upon whether to admit my admiration for her and if i can handle the negatives.

Having said so much,
I'm happy for what I am today.

I'm thankful to my parents for being strict with me when i was younger so I won't be a disgrace today.

I'm thankful to my 2 lovely sisters for showing me things that I never knew.

I'm thankful to my grandma for spoiling me.

I'm thankful to my group of close friends, Gary especially, Thomas, Kang, Wilson and Yaozheng. Thanks guys, you guys have been people that i have looked up to, to emulate what you all have achieved in life.

I'm thankful to my instructor, Coach Zai for giving me the opportunity that you have given me so far in my 2 years of coaching so far.

I'm thankful to my poly classmates, Wx, Yong, Ah Sen, Sam, Ziyou, Dingsheng, Alex, Ah Si, KC Thanks guys for working hard together back then and giving me memories that I will NEVER forget.

Thanks Huiqing buddy for giving me Work n Relationship advices over coffee and meetups near our place. Will miss you and Bon once you all move away. *sobs*

Thank you Laura sister for being my godsister since we met many many years ago thru' a forum. You took great care of me whenever i was feeling down and especially at one point in my life when i felt nothing mattered.

I'm thankful to Angela, who once was an important part of my life, gave me the drive that i needed to map out my future back then.

Lastly, my Uni classmates especially Jeff, Jon, Jo, Rayson n Owen. Thank you guys for encouraging me during Uni days. Thank you people, you all have been so important and i thank you sincerely. No amount of thank-yous can express how grateful I am.

Love you guys,

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 >> its been ages man.

guess nobody actually comes in and read my posts anymore,
but who cares?
i still do.

i come in once in a while to read on my old post n reminisce on the past. Many years have passed by already, the scenes still etched clearly on my mind.
i dunno why i still think of "her" at times.

Attended weiyang's birthday bash last week at Costa sands resort in Pasir Ris, saw her clique there. I really dunno what to talk to them about. Luckily i had buddy Huiqing with me, as well as Zhenyi.

its late n i have to work later so i gotta hit the sacks !!!

nitey nites!

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Saturday, October 09, 2010 >> my conscience is clear.


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Monday, October 04, 2010 >> 开不了口让你知道。


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 >> hmm

i havent been updating for awhile now already...
but i really need to blog about some kinda feelings in here..
something that i cant post in FB.

I wanna say...im glad we're talkin again..
i will give my best to keep our friendship together.
i hope you believe in me like before..
please also try to make it like before, will ya?

i wanna tell you.. but i guess its not the right time.
but believe me.
i never will hurt you ... i will let the pain subside.

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Monday, April 12, 2010 >> yoga - 说谎。








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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 >> update....

its been awhile since i last update in leonarddranoel.bs. com..... well anyway... these few mths busy with work cos CNY period... always the busiest period for FB, mitju n camou. These few months really slogged out for FB... however got some feelings that Im not happy about... Dont know why .. but after so many years of putting in effort.. i would have expected them to appreciate and be aware of my efforts. Despite everything i've done... maybe its still not enuff to them...and that they cant trust me in more important tasks... That i will never know...

on a happier note.. 我毕业了!!!!
真开心。。 我真的做到了。 之前,我还有一点怀疑我对自己的肯定。。 我那时压力很大很大, 好多事情要烦,很想逃离那时的情景。。 但是终于做到了!!!

因为毕业了,让我感受到不同的压力。 现在家人一直问我几时才会找份工作。我感觉到很烦。。因为我要考虑到好多好多,你们可不可以给我一个人去处理,好烦好烦好烦。。。每天在想这个问题。最近也遇到了和朋友或同事之间的不满和不愉快。。 但是我会振作起来,一定为自己而奋斗,不让关心我的人失望。。

"目标就在眼前,为何我却得不到。我上不去也下不了。。左右为难。。。 =( "

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